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Enter the shape of the model (10 different shapes), its radii or semi-axes Rx, Ry, Rz, (in case of a cylinder, cube or line Rz is half of the length!), the range of the scattering vector q to q-max, N (odd, 51-1001) is the numbers of intervals for the numerical integrations (should be high for anisotropic shapes and large scattering angles). 200 values are plotted in q vs log(I(q)) from 0 to q-max and are normalized to I(0)=1. The units of R and q are arbitrary, i.e. if R is entered in nm then Rg (radius of gyration) is calculated in nm and the q-scale in 1/nm. Click 'Clear' to generate a line-grid (at the beginning) or to erase the plot. Overlay of different curves with same q-max is possible.

Author: M.Kriechbaum, IBR (2001), e-mail: