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Radius of gyration calculator
This Javascript calculates the Radius of Gyration of 3-dimensional concentric shell models (ellipsoid, cube or cylinder). Enter the number of shells, the lengths of the respective semi-axis Rx(i), Ry(i) and Rz(i) (z is in the axis of rotation) and the corresponding electron-density c(i) (between R(i) and R(i-1)). The values of the radius of gyration Rg and of the zero-angle intensity I(0), respectively, will be calculated. Units are arbitrary and in metric dimensions (in small-angle scattering (SAS) usually in Å or nm).

Input Radius of Gyration
Rx(1) Ry(1) Rz(1) c(1)
Rx(2) Ry(2) Rz(2) c(2)
Rx(3) Ry(3) Rz(3) c(3)
Rx(4) Ry(4) Rz(4) c(4)
Rx(5) Ry(5) Rz(5) c(5)
Rx(6) Ry(6) Rz(6) c(6)

Author: M.Kriechbaum, IBR (2002), e-mail: